Meaning of kapa haka in English:

kapa haka

Pronunciation /ˌkɑːpə ˈhɑːkə/


mass noun
  • 1New Zealand The Maori activity of dancing and chanting in groups as an expression of cultural identity.

    ‘he was mystified by our collective passion for kapa haka’
    • ‘there will be a kapa haka performance’
    • ‘All the children had taken to kapa haka like ducks to water.’
    • ‘At least New Zealand First can say that it did put money into kapa haka.’
    • ‘There are some people who question the right of Pakeha to speak te reo, to practise kapa haka, to recite traditional karakia … all of which I do.’
    • ‘It's going to be their music, lots of hip-hop, rap in it, lots of funky street stuff, lots of kapa haka, lots of contemporary dance.’
    • ‘Observation of an activity or performance such as kapa haka, sports events, drama production, debating, public speaking or music festivals can be used when making an assessment of student performance.’
    • ‘The teacher said kohanga was a place where children were not only taken care of but taught all aspects of Maori life. Kapa haka is just one part of the culture.’
    • ‘Kapa haka requires the performers to sing, dance, have expression as well as movement and combine all these elements into each performed item.’
    • ‘She has been in the school's kapa haka group since she started at the school and for the past two years has been the leader of the group.’
    • ‘The national kapa haka championships are being held this year in Gisborne.’
    • ‘Winning the top spot in the Te Arawa primary school kapa haka competition was a huge achievement.’
    1. 1.1count noun A group which performs traditional Maori dancing and chanting.
      ‘the verse was an old favourite from her time in her school's kapa haka’
      • ‘The kapa haka which compete at the Festival are the winners of regional competitions that have been held around Aotearoa and Australia in the year prior to the Festival.’
      • ‘The unique combination of the highland dancers and award winning kapa haka will thrill our live audiences.’
      • ‘The finale of the concert will feature the Rangi Sinfonia, combined choirs, Kapa Haka, and speakers.’
      • ‘She was part of the New Zealand Defence Force kapa haka that welcomed Prince Harry into Wellington last Saturday.’
      • ‘They're local boys from the Putiki kapa haka.’
      • ‘The event was a resounding success, with 41 Kapa Haka from around New Zealand and Australia and over 20,000 spectators celebrating the best of Maori culture.’
      • ‘He was a kapa haka connoisseur who knew every kapa haka throughout the country.’
      • ‘There's soloists, bands, kapa haka and hip hop dancers.’
      • ‘The group is essentially a kapa haka or performing-arts group associated with a marae in Wellington.’
      • ‘Some kapa haka have been performing at the festival since it first started in 1972.’


Maori, from kapa ‘line’ and haka ‘dance’.