Meaning of kapai in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈpʌɪ/


New Zealand
  • Very pleasant; good, fine.

    ‘it's a kapai morning, the sun is shining’
    • ‘So play some spring music that makes the medicine of life taste as sweet as the smiles on Rangiuru's kapai kids.’
    • ‘In fact, New Zealand's language is just kapai, says Victoria University linguistic and applied language expert John Macalister, who believes the frequency of Maori words in everyday conversations is likely to surprise some people.’
    • ‘I just got a kapai kiwi book in the mail for my man.’
    • ‘As long as your skip button is working for the awkwardly placed songs, this is a kapai compilation.’


New Zealand
  • In a pleasant way; very well.

    ‘In a short time, music was going "kapai."’
    • ‘In place of "war and rumors of war," we have Maori feasts and carousals, and everything appears to go kapai with our dusky brethren.’


Mid 19th century from Maori ka pai.