Meaning of kara in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɑːrə/


  • A steel bangle worn on the right wrist as one of the five distinguishing signs of the Sikh Khalsa.

    ‘The kesh, the kachha, the kara, the kanga and the kirpan are the gifts, chiseled out for the Khalsa, by the divine artist.’
    • ‘One of the other symbols was a kara, a steel bangle that, among other things, represented restraint.’
    • ‘I wear a kara (bangle - another Sikh symbol), I wore a turban to my brother's wedding and I use the generic Sikh middle name of Singh.’
    • ‘Nor has it become difficult only for me to explain the relevance of a kirpan or a kara, but also for those who sermonize in the gurudwaras or those who so zealously write in the religious magazines.’
    • ‘I don't call myself a Sikh, but I misleadingly wear a kara.’
    • ‘He might have the kara and the kashara - the steel bangle and clean underpants - but why would he do that?’


From Punjabi karā.