Meaning of karaka in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈrakə/


  • A New Zealand tree with orange berries containing seeds which are poisonous unless roasted.

    Corynocarpus laevigata, family Corynocarpaceae

    ‘I helped my friend at one stage to collect the seeds of karakas.’
    • ‘She writes very sensitively about them, and events that could be scoffed at by outsiders (such as one member shaking hands with a karaka tree on the first pilgrimage to Waitangi) are treated openly and honestly.’
    • ‘The dominant species in the bush is the karaka, but there is also mahoe (whiteywood).’
    • ‘The attackers cut down karaka trees for ladders to breach the walls.’
    • ‘The following steps describe how our kuia prepared the karaka kernels for eating.’


Mid 19th century from Maori.