Meaning of karateka in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈrɑːtɪkɑː/

nounplural noun karateka, plural noun karatekas

  • A practitioner of karate.

    ‘These obi weren't the belts karateka and judoka wear today - Kano hadn't invented the judogi yet, and his students were still practicing in kimono.’
    • ‘Some argue that the physical interpretation of the solution by the karateka or judoka is repugnant and that that of the aikidoka is beautiful.’
    • ‘Standing face-to-face with an expert karateka like Ushiro Sensei was an enlightening and humbling experience.’
    • ‘The motor fitness of judoists and karateka was evaluated by means of the Leuven Motor Test Battery.’
    • ‘The Federation will also be holding a series of camps and seminars in an effort to instruct karatekas concerning the World Karate Federation rules and regulations.’
    • ‘The teachers who were teaching marines were judoka or karateka.’
    • ‘The group consisted mainly of aikibudoka but karateka, judoka and jiu-jitsuka also participated.’
    • ‘As a karateka he was known for his awesome strength, but also for his intuition - the ability to sense an attack and destroy it before it fully developed.’
    • ‘But are we really training to be able to defeat a championship karateka, a professional boxer, or an Olympic wrestler?’
    • ‘He was a superb karateka and could switch techniques during sparring.’
    • ‘The federation also sent 11 men karatekas for training sessions with three karate schools.’
    • ‘It is for judoists, karateka, archers, kendo-fencers and track-and-fielders who work out every day at dawn in the open or in gyms with windows wide open, taking ice-cold showers afterward.’
    • ‘And while he influenced many karateka in Japan, he never developed a large karate organization around his teaching as did Funakoshi.’
    • ‘TWENTY-five karatekas at the weekend graduated to different levels of the Zambia Karate Federation during the grading tournament held at Edwin Imboela stadium in Lusaka.’
    • ‘Fourteen Zambian karatekas have been upgraded, two have been honoured while four other budding stars were showered with medals during a one week workshop which finished yesterday at Lusaka's Chrisma Hotel.’
    • ‘ZKF general secretary Moodley Chola said a 10-member squad was to be picked for the continental games and urged all karatekas to take the selection seriously if they were to make it to Nigeria.’
    • ‘However, most boxers and karatekas are not concerned with pulling the opponent, they are more interested in striking him.’
    • ‘The Indonesian karatekas won another two silvers and three bronzes in Bangkok from eight events.’
    • ‘Naturally all the karateka shouted and waved back.’
    • ‘There are many karateka who are healthy and live long.’