Meaning of Karnaugh map in English:

Karnaugh map

Pronunciation /ˈkɑːnɔː/


(also Karnaugh diagram)
Mathematics Electronics
  • A diagram consisting of a rectangular array of squares each representing a different combination of the variables of a Boolean function.

    ‘For example, packages for bar charts, UML notation and even Karnaugh maps can be downloaded.’
    • ‘Figure 3 presents completed Karnaugh maps of positive mother-child interactions for one average and one referred family.’
    • ‘However, the Karnaugh map is faster and easier, especially if there are many logic reductions to do.’
    • ‘The Karnaugh map for this or any logic function can be used to determine the transistor schematic.’
    • ‘They may also be examined variable by variable: the disposition of the Karnaugh map makes it easy to do so.’


1950s named after Maurice Karnaugh (born 1924), American physicist.