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(also matchet)
  • A broad, heavy knife used as an implement or weapon, originating in Central America and the Caribbean.

    ‘In one hundred days nearly a million people were to die from bullets, grenades, machetes, and knives.’
    • ‘In this atmosphere of casual disregard for the law, it's unsurprising that some Bermudians choose to fight with knives and machetes in broad daylight.’
    • ‘Weapons wanted in the amnesty include those with a blade or sharp point, such as knives and machetes, CS gas canisters, coshes and knuckle dusters.’
    • ‘Rather, they wielded knives, machetes, and swords, necessitating close proximity to the victims.’
    • ‘Well, just because machetes, spears, rifles and missiles are phallic, it doesn't mean men are to blame.’
    • ‘The handful of remaining officers were vastly outnumbered by fighters wielding machetes, swords, slingshots, bows and arrows.’
    • ‘Now, here as elsewhere, they carry machetes, automatic weapons and navigation equipment.’
    • ‘Shots were fired and other weapons, including machetes, used freely.’
    • ‘A number of machetes and other sharp weapons, as well as the remains of two burned motorcycles, were also seized as evidence in the investigation.’
    • ‘Witnesses said Yuwono was dragged from his house by a number of people brandishing machetes and other sharp weapons, who later stabbed him.’
    • ‘At the police station, Nordi saw huge mobs armed with guns, bombs, machetes, and bows and arrows running through the streets.’
    • ‘You cannot allow these people to have weapons like machetes.’
    • ‘His only weapon was a machete, and he only had one good eye with a yellow iris that watched for his victims.’
    • ‘Those pirates, armed with daggers and machetes, also used commando-style tactics in their attack, he said.’
    • ‘For each of us dies only once and Ruanda showed you can kill eight hundred thousand people with machetes - with two machetes if the queue is long enough.’
    • ‘I wonder if she's also interested in knowing if there are knives in the home such as machetes or Samurai swords.’
    • ‘He said the gangs fought with double-barrelled shotguns, machetes, broken bottles, iron bars.’
    • ‘They were armed with machine guns and machetes and carried VHF radios.’
    • ‘He now had their packs and survival gear, machine guns and machetes strapped to him.’
    • ‘The Huaorani surrounded the hut and attacked with shotguns and machetes.’



/məˈ(t)ʃɛti/ /maˈ(t)ʃeɪti/


Late 16th century from Spanish, from macho ‘hammer’.