Meaning of machinate in English:



[no object]
  • Engage in plots; scheme.

    ‘he machinated against other bishops’
    • ‘They have no place machinating behind the scenes now.’
    • ‘American cinema has, for years, worked its magic to manipulate popular opinion, machinating to fortify racial stereotypes, prejudice, jingoism, and hegemonic control - especially during times of political change.’
    • ‘Focusing on the GCC has given the impression that climate change obstructionism is confined to a handful of goggle-eyed fossil fuel fundamentalists machinating on the margins of respectable corporate society.’
    • ‘He can already be seen machinating a bureaucratic coup.’
    • ‘Attempting to place myself in the cogitating, machinating mind of Dr. Greenspan, I can envisage how he would seek to use his sham bullets for selectively meting out speculator punishment.’
    • ‘We shall be rid of your machinating ways of slavery upon us!’
    • ‘Although in the short-term Casimir quit France, the following year, when Henry defaulted on the second payment, he sold his services to the machinating Anjou.’
    • ‘Didn't his aura originally stem from the content of his striated torso, his internally-produced, natural, material charisma, quite apart from the machinated forms of the culture industry?’
    • ‘Knowing that death would follow the machinated horror, Philius gave one final prayer.’
    plot, hatch a plot, form a conspiracy, scheme, plan, lay plans, intrigue, collude, connive, collaborate, consort, machinate, manoeuvre, be hand in glove, work hand in glove



/ˈmakɪneɪt/ /ˈmaʃɪneɪt/


Early 16th century from Latin machinat- ‘contrived’, from machinari ‘contrive’, from machina (see machine).