Meaning of machine-driven in English:



  • Operated or controlled by a machine or machinery.

    ‘machine-driven vehicles replaced much of the manual labour of the past’
    • ‘Only 4 percent of the population is employed in agriculture, which has become highly industrialized and machine-driven.’
    • ‘The image of an aviator who circles and teases Mt Etna, mythical home of Vulcan, shows just how bold the call to anarchy and a new machine-driven age was in 1912 when men began to fly.’
    • ‘Tolkien saw in the impersonal, machine-driven capitalism of the twentieth century a form of soft tyranny almost as oppressive as fascism or communism.’
    • ‘The Industrial Revolution began at the end of the seventeenth century, specifically in the machine-driven manufacturing processes made possible by the steam engine.’
    • ‘The historians in 1924 blamed the public's diminishing interest in politics on "the conditions of complex modern life: the frantic, overorganized, spectacular, urbanized, machine-driven world we live in today".’
    mechanized, machine-driven, automated, automatic, motor-driven, power-driven, self-propelled