Meaning of machine-readable in English:


Pronunciation /məʃiːnˈriːdəb(ə)l/

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  • (of data) in a form that a computer can process.

    ‘a machine-readable dictionary’
    • ‘By the year 2005, it is projected that as much as 18 percent of the known data in the world will be captured in machine-readable (computer recognizable) digital format.’
    • ‘The 87 spoken texts (all that had by then been processed at the SEU) became available in machine-readable form for distribution in the early 1980s.’
    • ‘Semantic-enabled search agents will be able to collect machine-readable data from diverse sources, process it and infer new facts.’
    • ‘It will utilize a massive computer database that incorporates biometric identifier technology with machine-readable bar codes in passports.’
    • ‘But the whole idea of Web services is to make data machine-readable, such that it can be stored and processed by computers.’
    • ‘But I agree with this idea because I think it can be done in a machine-readable way.’
    • ‘Congress, three years ago, tried to tighten the visa waiver program, requiring that the United States and its visa waiver countries issue machine-readable passports with biometric identification.’
    • ‘The Kyl-Cornyn bill calls for the creation of a machine-readable, tamper-proof Social Security card that would be issued to every American in the workforce to prevent illegals from getting jobs.’
    • ‘You have a whole set of feeds, all of which are time-limited and everything's in a machine-readable format, and yet these readers don't do anything with the data apart from display it.’
    • ‘A machine-readable passport allows immigration officials to pull up a traveller's record simply by swiping a computerised code which is normally found on the bottom of the page containing personal details.’
    • ‘‘If people would still like to retain their collections, their works could be scanned and converted into machine-readable text and uploaded on the net,’ he says.’
    • ‘Presumably, the rush is being dictated not by any security risks currently facing New Zealand, but by the US timetable for the introduction of new, machine-readable travel documents.’
    • ‘New machine-readable passports are expected to be issued to the travelling public by January 2006, acting Chief Immigration Officer Keith Ameerali said yesterday.’
    • ‘Starting Oct. 26, those countries will also be required to have passports with coding that is machine-readable, including children's passports.’
    • ‘The machine-readable passports, which now have a standardized presentation worldwide, are being printed in a manner suitable for optical character recognition.’
    • ‘I can only imagine the lightning speed with which our government will address the same potential security hazard for Canadian machine-readable passports.’
    • ‘You send in your favorite digital photo, pick a border and in a couple of days you're turned into a usable, actual stamp with a machine-readable bar code.’
    • ‘The biometrics will be included in all new passports issued but those holding the existing machine-readable document will still be able to travel on it until it expires.’
    • ‘Starting October 26, all travellers from the visa waiver countries must have passports with coding that is machine-readable.’
    • ‘Anyone without a machine-readable passport, including children still travelling on a parent's passport, will need a visa to travel to the US.’