Meaning of machine-stitch in English:


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[with object]
  • Sew (something) using a sewing machine.

    ‘pin and machine-stitch the hem in place’
    • ‘Turn standard twin-size sheets inside out and machine-stitch on three sides, leaving one end open to slip in the duvet.’
    • ‘Some high-end machines even have a feature that makes the machine-stitched buttonhole resemble a hand-worked one.’
    • ‘The banner backings are made up of three vertical panels which are machine-stitched together.’
    • ‘Pupils gain in self-confidence as they overcome their nervousness by machine-stitching the backing on bookmarks.’
    • ‘Position the edging right side against the neckline edge wrong side and machine-stitch into place.’
    • ‘Pin, and then machine-stitch the ends together with a a 5/8- inch seam allowance to make a loop you will turn right side out.’
    • ‘You can machine-stitch the trim to the garment wrong side, fold it to the front, and finish it with hand stitching.’
    • ‘Machine-stitch all three layers together around top.’
    • ‘Remove pins and machine-stitch front to back.’
    • ‘She used applique techniques and her work can be hand or machine-stitched.’


(also machine stitch)
  • A stitch made using a sewing machine.

    ‘the seams were frequently sewn with tiny machine stitches’
    • ‘Squares can also be accented with other decorative machine stitches.’
    • ‘When sewing, set your machine stitch length to be 8-10 stitches per inch and use a straight stitch or narrow zigzag.’
    • ‘The band may also be embellished with machine embroidery, stenciling, stamping or decorative machine stitches.’
    • ‘Select a long machine stitch and small needle to minimize the number and size of perforations.’
    • ‘If desired, add other embellishments (fibers, buttons, decorative machine stitches) to the card as well.’
    • ‘Do you ever wonder what machine stitch length to use with a particular fabric?’
    • ‘Most antique applique quilts exhibit hand stitches rather than machine stitches.’
    • ‘You can gather fabric with either machine stitches or hand stitches.’
    • ‘Zigzag stitch: A machine stitch that goes side to side.’