Meaning of machine age in English:

machine age


  • The period in the early 20th century notable for the development of new technology and industrial processes.

    ‘at the peak of the machine age, factories were emblems of human might’
    • ‘The destructive power of a war dominated by terrible mechanical weapons altered Lewis's attitude towards the machine age.’
    • ‘The glories of the machine age were not accepted unconditionally.’
    • ‘It evokes an image of a ship, a quintessential machine age symbol, in its streamlined aluminum railings.’
    • ‘Members of this group specialised in linocuts, producing bold, swirling images that conveyed the hectic pace of life in the machine age.’
    • ‘The Vorticists rejected the traditional genres of portraiture and still-life and instead looked to the modern machine age for inspiration.’
    • ‘Architecture was to be revolutionary and international; past forms were rejected in favour of the forms of the so-called machine age.’
    • ‘Some nationalists looked back to a rural paradise, while the Italian Futurists celebrated the machine age.’
    • ‘The idea of a job, born with the machine age, is changing beyond all recognition.’
    • ‘Prior to the machine age, all cabinet makers used hand tools, such as planers and saws.’
    • ‘The machine age brought mass production and distribution, together with a new sense of internationalism.’