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machine code


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(also machine language)
  • A computer programming language consisting of binary or hexadecimal instructions which a computer can respond to directly.

    ‘Software developers, including such operating system vendors as Red Flag, use compilers to translate a programming language into the machine language understood by the processor.’
    • ‘In Linux, the system information is written in C, a high-level programming language that is translated by the machine into a machine language consisting of 0s and 1s.’
    • ‘Dozens, maybe hundreds of programmers write the source code and then compile the code into a faster machine language or binary version.’
    • ‘Processing power, therefore, is increasingly determined by software that compiles computer programs into machine code.’
    • ‘Future calls to the method will execute the machine code directly.’
    • ‘They wore white socks and polyester shirts and ties and thick glasses and coded in machine language and assembler and FORTRAN and half a dozen ancient languages now forgotten.’
    • ‘The resulting machine code is stored in memory and lost when the interpreter terminates.’
    • ‘Early programmers worked in native computer code or machine language.’
    • ‘One big step up in computer languages is Assembly Language, which allows the programmer to use names instead of numbers to represent the machine language instructions used by the computer.’
    • ‘Java programs are not written to a specific machine language of a particular hardware/software combination.’
    • ‘From that it creates program code it can then assemble into executable machine code.’
    • ‘Some optimizations reduce the size of the resulting machine code, while others try to create code that is faster, potentially increasing its size.’
    • ‘It's not absolutely clear what is used to generate the machine code, but it seems likely to be a combination of bios, graphics and various other bits of hardware kicking around in there.’
    • ‘Highly proficient programmers can write machine code programs that can be sent across a data stream into a Web browser or other communications program.’
    • ‘The speech routines were written entirely in hand-assembled machine language and executed through the same address vector as the computer's hardware interrupt routines.’
    • ‘For example, it used to include programming in machine language, and didn't until recently involve HTML.’
    • ‘Thus far the machine is running only machine code, with an AIX and Linux port due in the next 30 days, according to reports.’
    • ‘The machine language of the universe does not manipulate its own program.’
    • ‘The software is written in machine code to save memory.’
    • ‘It is unlikely that there is ‘an input side’ to the machine code of the brain.’