Meaning of machine gun in English:

machine gun

Pronunciation /məˈʃiːn ɡʌn/

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  • An automatic gun that fires bullets in rapid succession for as long as the trigger is pressed.

    as modifier ‘machine-gun fire’
    • ‘It was a giant machine gun that fired plastic bullets and grenades.’
    • ‘The most important of these were the bolt action rifle and the machine gun, and hand grenades and mortars.’
    • ‘She felt several bullets strike her helmet as she fired the machine gun at the remaining attacking soldiers.’
    • ‘It ends with Cusack throwing grenades and firing a machine gun to save her from pirates.’
    • ‘Suddenly, machine gun bullets were fired and Michaela fell to the floor.’
    • ‘The M60 is a machine gun which while fired continually causes the screen to violently shake which is a nice touch.’
    • ‘He then leapt fifty feet into the air to avoid the machine gun fire from the SWAT team.’
    • ‘He turned and began to fire his machine gun wildly before he was blasted full of holes.’
    • ‘In such an extreme situation the Raptor sounds like a heavy machine gun firing in the distance.’
    • ‘The helicopter began to fire a machine gun at Lazarus so he ran and jumped into the car.’
    • ‘Sometimes the guards would mount a heavy machine gun and fire away indiscriminately.’
    • ‘Mace barely had time to roll out of the way before the machine gun began to fire down on him.’
    • ‘Most of the machine gun fire blew past him and only a few stray shots managed to hit him.’
    • ‘A soldier on the back of the truck saw him and fired his machine gun, hitting him in the chest with a half dozen rounds.’
    • ‘They then had to race back to the other end of the course, re-assemble the machine gun and then fire at a target.’
    • ‘When they were 20 yards from the pillbox a machine gun opened fire from the slit.’
    • ‘The young soldier said he also fired on a machine gun station and saw an Iraqi soldier blown out by the force of the hit.’
    • ‘Young Michel was proud of himself; he'd learned to fire a machine gun and hit a target.’
    • ‘A special vehicle has been developed, armed with a machine gun and multiple tear gas launchers.’


(also machine-gun)
[with object]
  • Shoot with a machine gun.

    ‘a corporal had been machine-gunned in an ambush’
    • ‘We were bombed, machine-gunned by the planes, without respite.’
    • ‘Some were shot in their homes; others were machine-gunned from helicopters; still others were cut down in ditches.’
    • ‘As they edged out Coke in the polls, he concluded a seminar by machine-gunning a Coke vending machine.’
    • ‘Like World War I generals, the coaches threw talented but inexperienced young skiers into the trenches of the World Cup, where they'd get machine-gunned by the Austrians, Swiss, and Norwegians.’
    • ‘At 11: 30 that night, he was machine-gunned, taking six hits: one that took off his middle right finger (he managed to hide the missing finger on screen), four in his leg and one in the chest.’
    • ‘There was oil on the water and we were being machine-gunned.’
    • ‘Two or three of our prisoners escaped but were caught and brought back to the camp to be machine-gunned down in front of us.’
    • ‘People were getting shot all over the place but you couldn't see a drop of blood on their clean white shirts (even when they had been machine-gunned from three different directions).’
    • ‘Recognized by military officers, he was tortured, beaten, electrocuted and his hands broken before he was machine-gunned to death.’
    • ‘I've always assumed that every day, unbeknownst to us, doors were being kicked in and terrorists were being machine-gunned.’
    bomb, shell, bombard, fire on, open fire on, machine-gun, rake with gunfire, blitz, enfilade, pound, rake, pepper