Meaning of machine head in English:

machine head


  • Each of the small pegs on the head of a guitar, used for tightening the strings.

    ‘From then onwards all tuning takes place down at the bridge using the fine tuners (I've not used the regular machine heads yet - the guitar just stays in tune).’
    • ‘They do not necessarily need to be in tune - the machine heads on the modern bass are basically only there for effect - nails will serve just as well.’
    • ‘He'd carefully scrubbed the machine heads and pick-ups with the detachable head of a burnt-out electric toothbrush, and wiped the sweat and dust from each string until they gleamed packet-fresh.’
    • ‘And his Sitardata, molded on the Indian sitar, is a stainless steel bowl with machine heads and a metal bar.’