Meaning of machine instruction in English:

machine instruction


  • An instruction in machine code.

    ‘The archLSBs contain the things that are unique to each processor architecture, such as the machine instruction set and C library symbol versions.’
    • ‘I do understand the machine instruction bit but what's the difference between that and the RGB news reporters being projected to our eyes telling us about the world?’
    • ‘Using machine instructions to round results according to the selected rounding mode has several advantages over software-implemented rounding techniques, such as faster execution and concise code.’
    • ‘This same model is eventually used to generate machine instructions for fabrication; it is also used to derive the bill of quantities, specifications, and all 2D drawings.’
    • ‘Using built-in features, the program automatically added the required cooling channels and inserts needed to produce the mold and generated the subsequent machine instructions.’