Meaning of machine operator in English:

machine operator


  • A person who operates a machine.

    ‘she started at the company as a machine operator’
    • ‘Robinson's half brother, Vincent, is a machine operator at the plant.’
    • ‘Fortunately, several training courses are now offered in eastern Canada to help machine operators come up to speed more quickly.’
    • ‘The programme enables experienced machine operators to gain recognition for their achievement by way of certification.’
    • ‘But he spent much of his working life as a machine operator.’
    • ‘In today's forest industry, an increased responsibility for harvesting and environmental decisions is being left with machine operators.’
    • ‘Automation and developments in computer software may limit growth in demand for clerical workers, machine operators, and assemblers.’
    • ‘Machine operators repeatedly test the designs.’
    • ‘Big or small, companies employed mainly skilled machinists, machine operators, and precision assemblers.’
    • ‘He was an able machine operator and took pride in a job well done.’
    • ‘Managers evaluated machine operators on a daily basis and imposed severe penalties for low performance.’