Meaning of machine screw in English:

machine screw


  • A fastening device similar to a bolt but having a socket in its head which allows it to be turned with a screwdriver.

    ‘Participants were asked to search for a small metal screw (No.2 machine screw, 5 mm diameter) to the right of a circular indentation that was positioned to lie in the middle of the fingertip.’
    • ‘If the screw goes in but doesn't line up with the threads on the left side of the action, screw the 1 / 4x20 nylon machine screw in from the left side about 5/16’ or so and then remove it.’
    • ‘The bit looks like a quarter-inch threaded machine screw though Scafe says that the design of the threads is critical to the operation.’
    • ‘Fastener holes are drilled slightly undersized and then tapped for the appropriate sized machine screw.’
    • ‘In 1901-1902 the American Society of Mechanical Engineers proposed a standard for machine screw thread sizes in the United States, based on the Sellers system, which they adopted in 1905.’
    • ‘A broad product line features a wide variety of fasteners, including machine screws, thread cutters, thread formers, and self-drilling screws.’
    • ‘Unscrewing and screwing six to eight tiny machine screws slows down access to the hardware.’