Meaning of Machzor in English:


nounplural noun Machzorim/ˈmaxzɔrɪm/

  • A Jewish prayer book for use at festivals.

    ‘She was even careful that none of her five Machzorim, which were all kept in a single case, should ever come to the table.’
    • ‘This effort is particularly necessary for users of the Birnbaum Machzor, in light of its poor translation of this section (it only translates half of the verbs).’
    • ‘There should never be any possibility that chametz would get on her Passover Machzor.’
    • ‘He was carrying a tallit and Machzor (you need them, but, technically, you shouldn't carry them).’
    • ‘You search your innermost recesses and you examine the motivations and the emotions of the heart (Machzor of Yom Kippur).’
    service book



/ˈmaxzə/ /maxˈzɔː/ /ˈmɑːxzɔː/


Hebrew maḥzōr, literally ‘cycle’.