Meaning of Mackem in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmakəm/


(also Makem)
informal British
  • A person from Sunderland or Wearside in the north-east of England.

    • ‘I know Geordie women who won't go out with a guy if he's a Mackem’


(also Makem)
informal British
  • Relating to Sunderland or Wearside.

    • ‘the Swedish midfielder admitted he struggled a little with the Mackem accent when he first moved to the club’
    • ‘the illuminations are a proud Mackem tradition’


Apparently from mack or mak, regional variants of make, + 'em, probably with allusion to mack'em and tack'em, a phrase said to refer to the shipbuilding industry of the region. The first recorded use is from the 1980s.