Meaning of oaked in English:


Pronunciation /ˈəʊkt/


  • (of wine) matured in an oak barrel or other container.

    ‘A dramatic change of pace from the overtly oaked wines from everywhere else.’
    • ‘However, you still shouldn't serve a hefty oaked wine, such as Burgundy, at a temperature of 21°C or more, making it taste soupy or sickly.’
    • ‘The nature of his influence derives from his own palate, which favours fruity, highly coloured and heavily oaked wines.’
    • ‘Avoid heavily oaked wines, such as super-oaky California Chardonnays.’
    • ‘The Americans and Australians, on the other hand, are notorious for making heavily oaked wines, although in recent years both have been making a conscious effort to show more restraint with their use of new wood.’
    • ‘Ellis is one of South Africa's leading winemakers, and this understated citrus fruity, subtly oaked Chardonnay is a triumph.’
    • ‘There is a lightly oaked version of this wine, of course.’
    • ‘This creamy, stylishly oaked Chardonnay, with its focused acidity and fine, citrus fruit core is hard to beat.’
    • ‘In your 20s, you get more sophisticated and drink heavily oaked, New World wine (those were my Chardonnay years, when I was but green in judgement).’
    • ‘What most cheese - be it blue, hard, soft, or crawling off the cheeseboard - really likes is a mature soft, savoury, spicy, gently oaked red with few tannins and restrained fruit.’
    • ‘If, for some reason, you are not a Riesling fan, but you'd like something pleasant to drink with your smoked salmon, reliable matches include a lightly oaked Chardonnay or a crisp Sauvignon Blanc.’
    • ‘However, some have ventured and they recommend matured and oaked Chardonnays or Riesling.’
    • ‘This is a refined, sweetly oaked, pleasantly old-fashioned red that lingers on the palate like a melody in an echo chamber.’
    • ‘The best oaked reds have the structure and concentration to cope with all that lumber: by the time they're ready to drink, the oak has become a part of the wine rather than decking sitting on top of it.’
    • ‘Made at Charles Back's winery cum cheese factory, this is a smoky, intense, richly oaked white with honey, lemon, lime and herbal fruit characters.’
    • ‘It's a soft, attractively oaked white with refreshing acidity.’
    • ‘We enjoyed a lightly oaked Rochioli Russian River Valley 2000 Chardonnay that we bought during our last trip to California.’
    • ‘This is benchmark Australian oaked Chardonnay: ripe fruit is balanced, threaded with firm acidity and finished with a twist of oak.’
    • ‘This big, rich, oaked Chardonnay might have been ready to drink had it been closed with a natural cork.’
    • ‘We could choose a full-bodied, big, buttery, oaked Chardonnay to match the weight and character of the dish or we could choose a tart, fresh Sauvignon Blanc to contrast and cut through the heavy sauce.’